How Orion is helping NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab explore our universe

To deliver extremely realistic and accurate real world movements and interactions in the virtual world for the future of highly immersive astronaut training is the mission of NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab team – and they’re achieving this with the help of Orion, our cutting-edge real-time motion capture and full body solving solution – advancing new ways and techniques for their virtual reality research and explorations in space

Used by NASA Hybrid Reality Lab, and Tencent, IKinema’s Orion can be used with any OpenVR hardware like the HTC Vive and its controllers to capture head and hand motion.

IKinema Officially Launches Orion 1.0 Motion Capture Solution

The technology is being used by Tencent IEG NEXT Studio and the Hybrid Reality Lab at NASA.

IKinema’s full-body solving technology has been used in numerous virtual reality (VR) experiences including The VOID’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Supermassive Games’ VR projects, and Linden Labs’ Sansar. Today, IKinema has announced the official launch of its motion capture and full body solving solution, Orion 1.0.
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Capture artist Graham Qually: within the mocap zeitgeist

Graham Qually, best known for his work on the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry games, evaluates the evolution of motion capture

Way before motion capture (mocap) was implemented in video games, life science realms used it in the 1970s to photogrammetrically track and analyse gait. Fast forward 40 years, and we’re seeing the tech-scape changing in countless ways.