Out-Think. Out-Fight. Be Outright Victorious. Archiact Are Bringing Evasion To PlayStation VR & The PlayStation AIM Controller

Bullet hell comes to the PSVR as well as PC later this year. Watch the new trailer here.

When Archiact announced their next virtual reality (VR) project back in October 2017 you would have been forgiven for responding with a knowing nod and a slight roll of the eyes. “With Evasion, the team is using everything we’ve learned and weaving our experience into a truly genre­-defining AAA title.” Said the press release at the time. “With innovative locomotive movement and intense bullet hell gameplay, we’re convinced Evasion will prove a stand­out VR experience and we can’t wait gamers to play for themselves.”
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IKinema LiveAction helps Baobab Studios take giant steps in VR for fairytale Jack

Queues of audiences at this years’ Tribeca Film Festival eagerly waited to take centre stage in the fully immersive and interactive virtual world of fairytale JACK: Part One, a new virtual theatre experience by Mathias Chelebourg and Baobab Studio, the latest talent to blend immersive theatre, 3D animation, and VR technology. Through the power of IKinema LiveAction, participants are transported into the new-world adaptation of the classic adventure, Jack and the Beanstalk, making it a firm festival favourite, a Tribeca Official Selection, as well as hitting the Forbes Awesome List

Mogura Began domestic sales of “Orion” motion capture system which can also be used for VTuber

IKinema partners with Mogura Co., Ltd to begin domestic sales in Japan

Mogura Co., Ltd. will begin domestic sales of Orion, a motion capture system developed by IKinema, UK (IKinema) in the UK. By using HTC Vive and its VR environment, Orion is distinguished from the motion capture system which requires a large-scale system so far, and is a motion capture system which realized overwhelming low cost and high quality at the same time is.
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IKinema Debuts Project Studio Interactive Software Framework

FARNHAM, UK – Realtime animation technology specialist IKinema (ikinema.com) has today announced the debut of IKinema Project Studio, a newly developed interactive software framework designed for those who generate animation content in the fields of virtual production, games, VR/AR, and enterprise. IKinema showed the technology for the first time at closed-door meetings during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.   Relied on by the animation world for their powerful full-body solving technologies that deliver 3D characters that respond with high fidelity motion and more naturally to the world around them, IKinema has recognized the increased demand for interchangeable high performance 3D animation tools across the industries. To align the company’s offerings with the evolving needs and challenges in these sectors, they have moved to unite their entire collection of realtime animation technologies under a single software plan – code-name Project Studio. The new plan is set to bolster digital artists and developers with a more intelligent and streamlined workflow, giving them greater creative control to produce hyper-realistic character animations.  

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IKinema unveils Project Studio

The animation specialists have revealed a new software framework for cross-industry VR animation production

Specialists in real-time animation technology IKinema has announced a newly developed interactive software framework, IKinema Project Studio. It has been designed for those who generate animation content in the fields of Virtual Production, Games, VR/AR, and Enterprise. The technology will be shown for the first time at closed-door meetings during the 2018 Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco.
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