70th Cannes Film Festival: IKinema and DVMobile collaborate to bring full body immersion and realism in Alice, The Virtual Play

We’re super excited to announce IKinema’s Orion and LiveAction is the top VR technology chosen to deliver full body immersion and superior realism to DVMobiles’ audiences during their virtual reality play!

Alice is currently on show to an exclusive audience running from 18 – 25 May, 2017 and is already touted as ‘the VR experience to see’ during this years’ Cannes Film Festival. Read these articles to learn more and get a flavour of what you’ll see in the near future by these incredible creators.
Cannes NEXT – DVMobile in Wonderland (virtual)
VSD article by Olivier Bousquet

IKinema’s enjoyed collaborating with such creative talents

We always seek to surprise the viewer, and bring him into an experience where he is no longer really passive, but where he is allowed to take pleasure and express his feelings. Alice is a story with real-time interactions with virtual characters, and a narration that plays with the frustration of the viewer.
François Klein | Producer | DVMobile

Excerpt from DVMobile: Enter the movie theatre. Here, you will not find any screen or any red velvet armchair. In the half-light of the room, a staff member equips you while whispering the special precautions. The big red curtain that faces you opens and you enter the scene: the experience can now begin.

Meet the Alice team

IKinema’s Orion and LiveAction VR technology delivers the best in realism and fullest immersion for your virtual experience, on time! Talk to us today, Support@IKinema.com

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