Exclusive Interview: How IKinema RunTime is helping Archiact transform Evasion VR to full-blown AAA

To develop a VR game from scratch which exudes both immersive bullet hell intensity and cinematic quality – to grab the gaming worlds’ attention and ricochet to triple-A proportions is kudos well earned for Vancouver studio, Archiact. Armed with our cutting-edge RunTime middleware from the games’ beginnings, Evasion is the result of superb technical skill and creative prowess – it’s without doubt, VR passion runs through this studios’ veins to launch their exhilarating sci-fi FPS VR genre to the world.

Duo tech IKinema Orion + LiveAction: Alice, The Virtual Reality Play goes global

2017 has seen DV Mobile globe-trotting the world, immersing and surprising festival audiences with their Alice, The Virtual Reality Play in the beautiful cities Paris, Venice, Montreal, New York, Geneva, Paris again – wrapping up their whirlwind tour at the Dubai Film Festival – only to kick it off again at Virtuality Paris 2018! This amazing team are relentless and we’re proud that IKinema’s powerful real-time tech, Orion motion capture solution and LiveAction virtual production software have made it a seamless virtual experience 

How Orion is helping NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab explore our universe

To deliver extremely realistic and accurate real world movements and interactions in the virtual world for the future of highly immersive astronaut training is the mission of NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab team – and they’re achieving this with the help of Orion, our cutting-edge real-time motion capture and full body solving solution – advancing new ways and techniques for their virtual reality research and explorations in space

AltspaceVR spotlights new full-body capture technology

Broadway in VR
You can see this tech in action by attending Lesli Margherita’s broadway performance in VR. Just in time for the Tony Awards, the West End Olivier Award winner and Broadway is stopping by AltspaceVR to perform some of her favorite show tunes and share clips from her starring roles in Matilda (Mrs. Wormwood), Zorro (Inez), and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Esmeralda). And for all you Netflix fans — you can also catch her this fall on Seven Seconds, but see her in AltspaceVR first!

IKinema Action helps Quantic Dream Become Human

French game developer Quantic Dream is a pioneer of ‘interactive drama’, in which storytelling and action are cleverly intertwined to produce emotive, engaging videogame experiences. For its newly-announced game Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream turned to IKinema to help produce the 50-plus hours of linear animation and maintain the high levels of realism it requires.

IKinema Plugin Gives Solver Boost to Autodesk MotionBuilder

Framestore and IKinema – Big Data, Droopy Shoulders and a Wonky Spine

These may sound like physical human ailments but for Framestore, the pain is virtual. Or rather, it was. With the introduction of IKinema Action for MotionBuilder, the Framestore Capture Lab team is transforming the way they transfer motion capture data to animated characters. Technical Supervisor Gary Marshall and Studio Manager Richard Graham are in the middle of a large project and realism is key.

Luxology Integrates IKinema Solver into modo 601

Luxology Integrates IKinema Solver into modo 601

IKinema™ LTD, creators of IKinema inverse kinematics (IK) solver, today announced that Luxology® has integrated their RunTime technology into the freshly released modo 601 – the latest version of its award-winning 3D content creation software. Although known for its game animation middleware, IKinema’s technology is now being used to bring professional rigging and interactive posing capabilities to modo’s new character animation tools.

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