How did Phoenix Labs do it: IKinema RunTime middleware animates Dauntless

Developed from the ground up using our award winning RunTime middleware, the studio behind Dauntless have leveraged the absolute best from our powerful technology to deliver higher engagement levels and a better gameplay experience for their fans.

With the talent that oozes from Phoenix Labs, teamed with RunTime means they’ve created a co-op action-RPG that has you traversing worlds in the pursuit of behemoths and creatures that now navigate tricky obstacles and environments with amazing realism! 

“Because we chose IKinema, we were able to start using it immediately which meant we were looking at gameplay features rather than getting it up and running. It meant our designers could start making the game fun straight away”.

Technical Director, Simon Beaumont unveils in these video interviews how RunTime has optimized their animation pipeline in both time and cost.

Watch their latest E3 trailer for a flavour of what to expect in their début launch this Summer.

Phoenix Labs’ devs and artists love IKinema RunTime – we guarantee you will too!
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