Used by NASA Hybrid Reality Lab, and Tencent, IKinema’s Orion can be used with any OpenVR hardware like the HTC Vive and its controllers to capture head and hand motion.

IKinema Adds Natural Avatar Movements To Linden Labs’ Sansar

An open creator beta will begin this summer.

IKinema, a specialist in motion capture and natural avatar movement technology, has announced today that Linden Labs has integrated its technology into the social virtual reality (VR) platform Sansar. 

IKinema’s full-body inverse kinematics for VR allows studios to procedurally animate 3D characters of any shape or size in real-time. This enables characters to respond to virtual worlds in a more life-like and natural way, thus creating a greater sense of immersion for players.

Sansar IKinema

IKinema, CEO, Alexandre Pechev said in a statement: “The IKinema and Linden Lab relationship is an exciting engagement as it presents the gateway to a foray of virtual experiences. We’re delighted that our technology will bring higher fidelity for a more engaging and convincing experience to the Sansar community; we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of next generation VR and AR experiences.”

“Sansar democratizes the medium of social VR, empowering people to create and share their own experiences,” said Bjorn Laurin, VP of Product at Linden Lab. “Avatars that move naturally are important to the quality of the social experiences users can create and enjoy on our platform, and integrating IKinema’s tech helps us to deliver that without requiring any peripherals beyond VR hand controllers.”

Currently in creator preview, Sansar will allow users to create unique social VR experiences with thousands already built and published by invited participants. An open creator beta will begin this summer.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Sansar, reporting back with further updates.
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