IKINEMA and Globo Collaborate to Début AR World Cup Heroes

FARNHAM, UK, 12 July 2018 – Today, IKINEMA announced they are once again the top real-time animation technology provider harnessed by Globo, Brazil’s largest media group, to bring their 3D animated football heroes to life, in reality television show during coverage of FIFA 2018.

The collaboration treads unchartered territory in real-time mixing of human presenters with virtual and augmented reality characters and graphics for use in the Television Broadcast sector.

By harnessing IKINEMA’s world class LiveAction animation software, Globo presenters are truly able to experience full immersion onset, by seeing and interacting with multiple live streamed virtual characters within the virtual football stadium. The combination of innovative technologies has produced believable mixed reality scenes directly from the studio.

Secret to Success: Unbreakable Real-time Pipeline and Perfect Animation
IKINEMA’s cutting-edge LiveAction technology has successfully provided the Globo team with a reliable and robust real-time animation pipeline throughout their entire on-air coverage, allowing live-streaming of high fidelity motion and behaviours captured from multiple actors who perform together from a separate studio location. Additionally, the software automatically cleans motion data on the go and seamlessly matches that motion on to the virtual avatars during the live stream – the finished result is perfectly synchronised actors to 3D rendered football stars interacting naturally with one another.

It’s extremely exciting working with Globo, together we are breaking new ground by bringing in new dimensions to live TV Broadcasting, and what better time to revolutionise than for the World Cup of Russia. The IKINEMA technologies are designed to drive innovative techniques and efficiency for our customers, whilst delivering consistently believable motion – trademarks our brand is recognised the world over.
Alexandre Pechev | CEO | IKINEMA

Globo TV uses LiveAction to bring AR football stars to life, aired live to Brazil’s nation

To lead in our industry means adopting incredible and innovative technologies, the likes of LiveAction. IKINEMA’s advanced tools has enabled Globo to spearhead a dynamic and new-style of presenting live shows with the use of augmented reality – this is the future for greater audience engagement and entertainment. The IKINEMA support team are total professionals and they’ve been a reassuring component to our technical team for smooth delivery throughout World Cup coverage.
Alexandre Arrabal | Director of Illustration and Art | Globo TV

LiveAction has helped push the boundaries for some of the most groundbreaking live virtual performances and has fast become the essential real-time retargeting solution for live performance capture onset. Stiller Studios of Sweden are long-time users of LiveAction, creating incredible mixed reality animations.

IKINEMA LiveAction Availability
LiveAction is available for Windows platform. Virtual Production users can purchase node-locked or floating licenses from £2,500. Customise LiveAction to suit your projects requirements with optional add-ons to build even more powerful experiences. Choose your level of license from the IKINEMA website.

Communications and PR contact:
Siobhán Hofma | S.Hofma@IKINEMA.com | +44 (0) 2033 189 179

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About Globo
To be one of world’s leading communications company is just possible with a lot of creativity, professionalism and investment on quality and innovation. Globo produces close to 3,000 annual hours of telenovelas and programs, as well as over 3,000 hours of telejournalism. Programs, series and interviews with a high standard of quality that every year, receive nominations in the International Emmy Awards. Presently, the network covers 98.6% of Brazil’s territory, reaching 99.5% of the population with the greatest network of affiliated broadcasting stations of 122 spread over the states. More than 90% of the network’s programming is produced in-house, which makes Globo the country’s largest job provider for artists, authors, journalists and producers. Globo currently has approximately 13000 employees. For more information: www.redeglobo.com.br.

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