IKINEMA and MWM Immersive bring interactive VR experience, Chained: A Victorian Nightmare to life in New York

FARNHAM, UK, 27 February 2019IKINEMA, the top real-time whole body solving animation specialist, announce today their partnership with MWM Immersive, veterans in VR and AR experiences and producers of Chained: A Victorian Nightmare, the highly acclaimed immersive virtual reality experience. Created by Justin Denton in collaboration with Aaron Sims Creative, and Here Be Dragons, together they bring the bone-chilling adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol to audiences, through the world of VR.

IKINEMA LiveAction is a key real-time virtual production technology chosen to bring the story’s ghostly characters to life. By seamless blend of motion captured from the actors’ live performance to their virtual character, along with whole body immersion, participants are set for a frightfully believable and interactive experience.

The ghosts of A Christmas Carol have become iconic characters, and they’re at the heart of our adaptation. IKINEMA LiveAction was instrumental in making each one feel like a living, breathing character who is standing right beside you. At MWM Immersive, we want to provide our creators the tools they need to tell their story in the best way possible, and that often means pushing the boundaries and capabilities of the technology at our fingertips. IKINEMA helped us accomplish that on Chained.
Ethan Stearns | Executive Producer | MWM Immersive

In the vibrant city of New York, visitors have a limited time opportunity to experience first-hand the eerie virtual theatre rendition of the world-renowned tale. Chained: A Victorian Nightmare commences Saturday, 23rd February for one month only, showcased at the New York City Story Arcade® Pop-Up, by organisers Future of Storytelling.
Tickets are available here.

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is testament to the close collaboration of creative and technical teams who harness our powerful LiveAction solution to bring life and realism for interactive virtual characters—qualities IKINEMA is in demand for. We’re thrilled MWM Immersive have delivered what is next-generation VR storytelling using our technology.
Alexandre Pechev | CEO | IKINEMA

Courtesy of MWM Immersive – IKINEMA LiveAction used in Chained: A Victorian Nightmare

About IKINEMA LiveAction
IKINEMA LiveAction virtual production technology is fast becoming a surprisingly easy to use tool of choice for live performances. Directors rely on LiveAction for robustness and its unique ability to live stream and accurately retarget mocap data from any motion capture source, directly onto any 3D animated virtual character. LiveAction features IKINEMA’s award winning inverse kinematics solver and Animation Cleaning Pipeline filter (ACP) which cleans mocap data and fixes common problems such as foot sliding, floor placement and self-penetration all in real-time. The results astound on-lookers as the digital characters respond and interact with greater conviction and realism, closer connecting the viewer to their virtual characters. IKINEMA and partners collaborate on what is the next evolution of advanced real-time animation pipelines for use in virtual production, virtual reality, and mixed reality live performances. #See.Feel.Believe

For more information please visit IKINEMA Virtual Production.

PR and Communications contact:
Siobhán Hofma | S.Hofma@IKINEMA.com | +44 (0) 2033 189 179

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