IKinema animates latest Kingdom Hearts game

FARNHAM, UK, 2 February 2017 – Real-time inverse kinematics leader, IKinema are proud to announce today that their powerful full-body IK solving animation technology, RunTime was used in the development of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep- A Fragmented Passage – part of the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 bundle.

The eagerly awaited PlayStation®4 action role-playing game produced by Square Enix, and Disney Interactive, was recently released to the market in January.

“Kingdom Hearts has been a highly anticipated game – for RunTime to help the Square Enix team achieve exceptional character motion and even more enhanced game-play for their audiences – this really is the ultimate reward for IKinema. We look forward to expanding our partnership further.”
Alexander Pechev | CEO | IKinema

IKinema RunTime for VR and Games
RunTime lets studios procedurally animate characters and multi-limbed creatures of differing proportions during gameplay. It significantly reduces animation assets whilst maintaining astonishingly believable body response to slash production time and cost. Eliminate ‘invisible man syndrome’ with full-body visibility in VR. Interact with obstacles and perform tasks with incredible accuracy, all within the game-world. The technology also allows developers to use the same code to achieve the same quality animation with minimum effort and expense across multi-player, VR, consoles, PC, and mobile games. IKinema RunTime is integrated with Unreal Engine, and now available for Unreal 4.13.

I’d like to get IKinema RunTime

Pricing and Availability
IKinema RunTime includes the RunTime VR extension. RunTime software is available in three license pricing tiers, starting from £99. Make your choice from the IKinema website, www.IKinema.com.
Alternatively email store@IKinema.com to request an evaluation pack.

> IKinema at GDC 2017 | 1-3 March | San Francisco
Meet the IKinema Team at GDC for an exclusive one-to-one meeting and demo to learn how to get RunTime into your game.
Book now: Alex Val |  A.Val@IKinema.com

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