IKINEMA brings digital humans to life at SIGGRAPH with Digital Domain

FARNHAM, UK, 16 July 2019IKINEMA are delighted to announce today that their powerful real-time production technology, LiveAction will once again bring digital humans to life for the Real-Time, Single Camera, Digital Human Development presentation created by visual effects powerhouse, Digital Domain. The presentation will be demonstrated in front of a live audience at the SIGGRAPH RealTime Live! awards on 30 July from 6pm–7:45pm. LiveAction is harnessed by Digital Domain’s Digital Human Group and in collaboration with state-of-the-art real-time technologies, is set to demonstrate their pioneering research and progressive techniques to drive photo-real digital humans for the advancement of VR and AR experiences.

IKINEMA LiveAction ensures perfect motion matching (zero latency) of an actor’s live performance onto 3D virtual avatars, solving problematic areas such as foot penetration and sliding on surfaces, self-penetration and jitters all during the live data stream. IKINEMA’s cutting-edge solution is continuously harnessed by major industry players to deliver natural whole body motion on 3D virtual characters for virtual production, virtual reality, and mixed reality pipelines. IKINEMA unveils their latest Real-time Production 2019 Showreel showcasing a selection of innovative customer and partner projects.

Delivering True Motion for Real-time Production: used by creators of real-time productions, virtual sets, live broadcasting, advertising, virtual YouTubing, LBVR experiences, games, immersive theatre and more.

IKINEMA LiveAction is set for multiple demonstrations by industry partners.

Real-Time Live! Awards | 30th July | 6:00pm–7:45pm
Real-Time, Single Camera, Digital Human Development
Presented by Digital Domain | Preview Video
Partner Demonstrations: 
Xsens | Booth: #849

30th July | 10:30am | Xsens: Unreal Motion Capture Pipeline
31st July
10:30am | Digital Domain: Digital Human
12:30pm | Xsens: Unreal Motion Capture Pipeline
Rokoko | Booth: #855

IKINEMA would like to invite those interested to discuss how they too can harness the power of their whole body solving animation technology for all animation project styles.

Book a meeting at SIGGRAPH, please contact: SIGGRAPH@IKINEMA.com

IKINEMA LiveAction Availability
LiveAction is available for Windows platform. Virtual Production users can purchase node-locked or floating licenses per seat from £2,500 or Project Based. Customise LiveAction to suit your projects requirements with optional add-ons to build even more powerful experiences. Choose your level of license from the IKINEMA website.

PR and Communications contact:
Siobhán Hofma | S.Hofma@IKINEMA.com | +44 (0) 2033 189 179

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