A round-up of IKINEMA animation projects in games, VR, VFX, and Enterprise

IKINEMA Highlights 2018

We look forward to working with you in 2019

It’s been an explosive year for IKINEMA! We’d like to share some of the groundbreaking projects by talented clients and technology partners, we’re so proud to work with across industry verticals of Games, Virtual YouTubing, Location Based Experiences for VR Theatre, Film, TV Broadcast, Enterprise, Academia and more. We’ve collaborated with like minded teams and individuals who echo our belief of ‘know no limits’ to win awards for SIGGRAPH’s Real-Time Live! show in Vancouver with Kite and Lightning, winning gold in both The Telly Awards and New York Design Awards as well as the Lumiere Award with New Reality Co. for their incredible Tree VR experience. And it was an honour to be a TIGA Games Awards 2018 finalist for Best Engines, Middleware, Tools and Technology category.

Alexandre Pechev | IKINEMA CEO: “2018 demonstrated a growing interest in the demand of interactive virtual characters for Entertainment, Training and beyond. Virtual characters and virtual influencers appear to play an even bigger role in our society and we are so pleased that IKINEMA’s quality and reliable solutions answers the growing demand for exceptional realism.”

IKINEMA LiveAction brings Aya Vtube idol to life at SIGGRAPH Asia Real-Time Live 2018
Real-Time Live!, SIGGRAPH Asia: Actors demonstrate latest mocap pipeline using LiveAction, Xsens, StretchSense and the iPhone X inside Unreal Engine to enable entire body motion to bring life to Virtual YouTubers, Aya and Lea.

SIGGRAPH Asia, Real-Time Live!: East meets West, taking centre stage in this stellar dancing and singing live virtual performance. Introducing Aya—our very own 3D animé VTuber, alongside her virtual idol buddy Lea, created by VR Studio Lab, GREE and Wright Flyer Live Entertainment. LiveAction seamlessly streamed and retargeted both actors’ movements onto their virtual avatars, combined with StretchSense and Xsens capturing hands and body motion plus iPhone X for facial capture, all in real-time! Fun and entertaining experience where the audience interacted with both idols, whilst showcasing the latest high quality off-the-shelf technologies available, where anyone can become a virtual celebrity in comfort from home or studio, designed to propel the online entertainment market.

SIGGRAPH Vancouver, Real-Time Live! Awards: LiveAction brings K&L’s Bebylon character to life by seamlessly streaming and accurately retarget movements from Cory’s dynamic live performance, directly onto the Beby virtual character—resulting in perfect synchronisation to showcase new-way pipeline and tech using LiveAction, Xsens, Unreal Engine and iPhone X to democratise mocap.

Globo TV: LiveAction brings televised FIFA VR and AR characters to life
IKINEMA and Globo Collaborate to Début AR World Cup Heroes

“The beauty of LiveAction’s Animation Cleaning Pipeline (ACP) is how it automatically removes motion data imperfections on the go, and seamlessly matches that motion onto the virtual avatars during the livestream with zero latency on an extreme integration solution scenarium. This partnership gave us the chance to be innovative on air. The finished result was perfectly synchronised actors with their 3D rendered football stars interacting naturally with one another.”
Pablo Bioni | Executive Supervisor of Technology | Globo TV

Madison Wells Media: LiveAction delivers realistic characters and immersion in VRIKINEMA LiveAction delivers realistic characters and immersion in Chained: A Victorian Nightmare

Chained merges the experiential qualities of virtual reality with the intimacy of immersive theatre for a one-of-kind audience experience. The challenge is integrating multiple technologies in tandem with human interaction, which requires a robust and reliable foundation for our performers. LiveAction provides a solution that allows our actors to give everyone a 100% unique experience by taking body capture which is the foundation, and layering in facial and finger capture to really bring our characters to life.
Ryan Cummins | VFX Supervisor | Aaron Sims Creative | Chained: A Victorian Nightmare

The VOID integrates IKINEMA for participant immersion and natural interactionThe VOID harnesses the power of IKinema’s full-body solving technology to deliver the hyper-reality experience, Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire

IKINEMA is a great partner to The VOID as we create the elements needed for an immersive, believable and engaging experience. Accurate translation of a person’s physical movements in real-time is crucial to generate the kind of immersion that allows someone to believably assume a new identity and suspend reality. Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire delivers on that promise of immersion with the help of IKINEMA’s incredible full body-solving technology.
Farrell Edwards | Head of Technology | The VOID

Ahmed Elhasairi | IKINEMA Technical Director: “This has been an exciting year across the Games sector—we have seen the successful release of many titles using our technologies, from a wide variety of game studios and across different platforms. To work with such a broad talent of people from studios of all sizes has been an absolute pleasure; enabling them to push the boundaries of their gameplay animations, alleviate production cost and time, and maintaining the quality and realism that their gaming community expect nowadays.”

Live RunTime Webinar for game studios and developers | 15th January 2019 | 11:00 – 11:45 GMT
Our RunTime experts will show you how to increase character realism during gameplay and vastly reduce the time traditionally spent creating multiple animation clips. Key gaming features explained such as Aiming and Climbing whilst hands and feet accurately connect with moving targets, and procedurally generated character balance animation on continuously changing terrain.
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We’ve been super impressed with IKINEMA RunTime—not only did it ‘just work’ out of the box, but it’s powerful, flexible and has saved us a lot of work writing our own complex IK solution. As all games are different, we were also impressed with their quick, friendly and flexible support when we wanted it to do something new too. Good work folks!
Steve Lycett | Senior Executive Producer | Sumo Digital | Crackdown 3

Top VFX power houses and animation teams from the likes of Framestore, and Quantic Dream have made Action software for Maya and MotionBuilder the backbone of their motion capture pipelines, taking the heavy lifting out of motion capture clean up and character animation for major crowd scenes and individual humanoids and fantasy creatures. These characters move with highest fidelity and organic motion in blockbusters such as Fantastic Creatures: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Bladerunner 2049, Deadpool 2, Kingsmen 2: The Golden Circle, Gravity, Dr Strange, Thor 3, and DETROIT: Become Human.

Framestore: Action alleviates mocap work
IKINEMA Action for post production work in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald


Lockheed Martin, NASA Hybrid Reality Lab, and NVIDIA are a few of the big guns of the Enterprise world. Harnessing our superior VR solutions to enable multiple virtual avatars hyper-realistic real world movements, human interactions and full immersion for Holodeck, the collaborative VR Design platform; and our high-end Orion motion capture technology to pioneer virtual world environment team Training and Simulation.

IKINEMA integrated for NVIDIA’s Holodeck
IKINEMA animation technology integrated into NVIDIA Holodeck for expertise in real-world human interactions

Holodeck offers astounding believability, which is critical for virtual world experiences. With IKINEMA’s state-of-the-art VR technology, we can provide an essential human element that helps deliver a deeper sense of realism.
NVIDIA | Holodeck

Core to our ethos is to ensure our cutting-edge animation technologies remains the intelligent and efficient choice by our customers. Pioneering new territories in realism, believability and immersion for the digital character to interact seamlessly within their environments, to draw your audience into ever more immersive experiences. Get ready to work with our teams in 2019 who are dedicated to make your dreams a reality of the future.

Very warm wishes for a wonderful festive season.

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