IKinema RunTime gives realism to Farpoint

IKinema loves Daily Star’s Farpoint pre-review

Farpoint Pre-Review: Sony PS4’s best PSVR release achieves Call of Duty quality in VR

FARPOINT is taking aim at big budget shooter games with its own unique virtual reality spin. Let us explain why every Sony PSVR owner should give it a try.

For the first time in a long line of PlayStation VR games, we finally saw the future and potential of Sony’s PSVR adventure.

Don’t get us wrong, past PSVR releases have been fun, but we’ve had more fleeting moments than full on experiences that we wanted to stay in for hours at a time.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, we got the chance to try out Farpoint, a new virtual reality title heading to PlayStation VR next week and the first game from relatively new developer Impulse Gear.

The game might sound familiar because it kicked up quite a bit of attention at E3 last year, however at the time, it seemed to stem more from the new PlayStation VR Aim controller (more on that later) than the actual game itself.

10 months on and we’ve finally had some decent time to try out this creative new game and safe to say we’re impressed.

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