IKINEMA on demonstration at I/ITSEC 2018 in Orlando, Florida

Come and experience how IKINEMA inverse kinematics technology delivers fuller realism for avatars during training and simulation demonstrations by our customer Serious Simulations, and Bohemia Interactive, at this years’ I/ITSEC,  Orlando in November. They will be demoing their widely adopted VBS technology used by those in the Forces to train teams in high risk scenarios.

Virtual Battleship (VBS) is designed for military simulation providing a multiplayer, virtual training environment. IKINEMA integrated core SDK solving functionalities into Bohemia Interactive’s VBS platform back in 2015 to enable trainees to experience natural and realistic human behaviour and whole body immersion during training sessions.

IKINEMA are in partnership with Serious Simulations, who are set to demonstrate their ready2train simulator with real time animation of VBS3 avatars for AR or VR use out of the Bohemia Interactive booth, including hardware Wireless Helmet/Head Mounted Displays and more. Serious Simulations provide immersive training systems for professional level Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training.

Conference Details
I/ITSEC 2018
 Conference | Orlando
26th – 30th November 2018

Bohemia Interactive Simulations booth: #2235

Bohemia Interactive
Serious Simulations at I/ITSEC

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