IKinema Orion 1.0: MoCap for VR, from games to Mars and beyond

All virtual content creators now empowered with affordable real-time motion capture technology, IKinema Orion; users achieve accurately synced physical and virtual bodies, to experience higher realism inside virtual worlds during multi-site team collaborations

FARNHAM, UK, 20 February, 2018 – Real-time animation technology specialist IKinema are thrilled to announce today the release of their motion capture and full body solving solution, Orion 1.0. In celebration of the launch, IKinema are offering 25% discount on purchases until the 31st March 2018.

IKinema Orion is used with OpenVR hardware such as the HTC Vive™ (www.vive.com) and controllers to capture the motion of head and hands, and Vive Trackers to capture hips and feet. The Orion solution is already diversely deployed by companies requiring deeper sense of realism and full body immersion in fields of design, training, aerospace, ergonomics, engineering, automotive, live theatre, virtual experiences, high-fidelity in-game previz of assets and animation, motion capture for film and games, virtual YouTube avatars, and many more.

Astronauts in hybrid reality simulation mission training: accurate syncing and interaction of virtual and physical
limbs with virtual and physical objects is critical to closely match reality

NASA Johnson Space Center | Matthew Noyes | Spacecraft Software Engineering
The Hybrid Reality Lab at NASA Johnson Space Center creates hardware and software combining elements of physical and virtual reality in ways that improve the spaceflight organization’s capabilities in astronaut training, engineering design, scientific visualization, and human performance studies.

Using IKinema’s Orion with the HTC Vive VR system, the Hybrid Reality Lab was able to research many benefits with significant savings to logistics and budget compared to traditional motion capture solutions, thanks to head, body and object tracking all sharing the same Lighthouse system. The results are a stepping stone to the future of astronaut training and engineering design in Hybrid Reality on NASA’s journey to the moon, Mars and beyond.

“Orion has provided Tencent IEG NEXT Studio with a cost-effective alternative to standard and pricier motion capture solutions – system set-up takes virtually no time, shaving precious hours for our project. The quality of full-body mocap on our avatars means we’ve achieved hyper-realistic virtual humans which move and interact believably in their world – for the team to reproduce the same level of realism would take many man hours. IKinema’s solution has been essential to the development of our next generation projects in virtual reality, games and entertainment”.
Li Shen | General Manager | Tencent IEG NEXT Studio

Orion Highlights

  • Mobile and cost-effective system – capture high quality mocap data combined with low cost consumer hardware
  • Capture requires minimum 6 trackers, or 8 trackers for higher fidelity
  • Save time with one-step capture workflow
  • Record motion in FBX or BVH file format
  • Live stream data into Unity and Unreal Engine 4, plug-ins provided. Compatible with alternative engines.
  • Optional – Live retarget to custom skeleton, set-up provided by IKinema Support for additional fee
  • Service mode – fix settings once for quick automated team use
  • Built-in command server – access set-up interface via external controllers, and control the system through external commands

IKinema Orion 1.0: MoCap for VR, from games to Mars and beyond

Esteemed IKinema Orion Customers: Activ8 Inc., All Seeing Eye, AltspaceVR, Apple Inc, CBS Digital, Cole Engineering Services, Inc., Gold Fields, L3 Technologies, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Microsoft, NASA Johnson Space Center, NCSoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd, Tencent, Ubisoft, Walt Disney Imagineering, Wingnut AR, and more.

IKinema Orion Availability
Annual license, purchase via the IKinema website, priced at £400 per seat. Node-locked license with unlimited usage, free updates, upgrades and maintenance. Tools and plugins for quick integration to any pipeline. Orion pack includes: IKinema Orion solving engine, Unity plugin, Unreal plugin, standard avatar, demo sample motions, rigs with 6 and 8 solving points.

Games Developers Conference 2018, San Francisco
IKinema is attending GDC, demonstrating Orion motion capture technology and industry chosen, IKinema RunTime games middleware. To book an exclusive one-to-one meeting, please email Alex Val, A.Val@IKinema.com.

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  1. I am looking to open a Virtual Reality gaming and fitness center. I need to find the right equipment to track motion in a game so that I can allow a group of people to play together and move around the room. Do you have anything like that? Also does your equipment work with PlayStation and HTC vive?

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