IKINEMA Orion: Lockheed Martin’s CHIL presents at AEC 2019, New Orleans

Applied Ergonomics Conference 2019 | New Orleans | 25th – 28th March 2019
– Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Effectively Leveraging Virtual Reality to Enhance Ergonomics Integration
Darin Bolthouse | Lockheed Martin CHIL Manager | 26th March 2019 | 08:00 – 08:40

Lockheed Martin are leaders in exploration and research in virtual reality, and from out of their VR laboratory CHIL (Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory)—one of the world’s largest VR facilities of its kind—technicians and engineers have been leveraging our IKINEMA Orion VR motion capture and animation solution to test, review and problem solve 3D models and simulations for specialised business areas, from Aeronautics through to Space. IKINEMA Orion accurately captures the users whole body including finest nuances of human motion via the HTC VIVE tracking system. With Orion, the users virtual avatar moves with realism and full immersion, accurately engage with virtual props and designs inside the virtual world during real-time collaborations, providing them with a scalable and affordable alternative to traditional motion capture techniques. 

Through CHIL Net, the multi-site and multi-user networked VR collaborative environment, engineers are able to iterate prototypes before they hit the manufacturing floor, as well as perform high risk tasks in the safety of VR, prior to real world scenarios. The results are significant reductions in time, cost and risk.

Darin Bolthouse, CHIL Manager for Lockheed Martin presents at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in New Orleans on the 26th March. In this presentation, he and colleagues detail the CHIL Net platform, demonstrate IKINEMA Orion’s usability and performance, discuss Return On Investment and much more. 
Presentation information and schedule available here.

CHIL NET provides a collaborative environment for reviewing 3D models and simulations in VR. The platform supports ergonomic studies for product design and assembly, maintenance operations, and facility design.

About CHILOne of the largest virtual reality laboratories of its kind, Lockheed Martin’s CHIL enables collaboration between product design and manufacturing teams before physically designing and producing hardware or building facilities. The Denver facility delivers significant cost and time savings by using VR to create a unique collaborative environment for exploring and solving problems quickly.

Human spaceflight, imaging satellites, even solar array facilities. We analyze designs and manufacturing processes in virtual worlds prior to physical manufacturing. This allows engineers and technicians to validate, test and understand products and processes early in program development, when the cost, risk and time associated with making modifications are low.

About Annual Applied Ergonomics ConferenceA worldwide resource dedicated solely to the support of the profession and individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability and employee availability. Presenters are practitioners sharing real-world experiences and practical solutions to common problems in industry.


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