IKINEMA RunTime Live Webinar

Learn how IKINEMA RunTime increases realism and slashes game development time

RunTime for Games | Tuesday, January 15, 2019  | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM GMT
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At IKINEMA, we recognise that responding to the demands of gamers to interact with increasingly complex environments takes time. We also know that integrating middleware to perform as a core part of your production pipeline is a big commitment. Our RunTime experts will show you how to increase character realism during gameplay and vastly reduce the time traditionally spent creating multiple animation clips. Key gaming features will be explained such as aiming and climbing, while hands and feet accurately connect with moving targets and procedurally generated character balance animation on continuously changing terrain. Working across a variety of studios, including Square Enix, Sumo Digital, Capcom and Phoenix Labs, our RunTime team will be pleased to answer your questions.


  • A brief introduction to IKINEMA RunTime, set up needed and support available
    – Delivered by Ahmed Elhasairi | Technical Director | 5 mins
  • A demo of the main capabilities of RunTime, highlighting the increase in realism and reduction of animations needed.
    – Delivered by Simon Woeginger | Technical Developer | 25mins
    Generic Solver Map
     – enables complete control over driving the full body of the character, allowing you to easily animate.
    i. Creature look at
    ii. Multi-weapon aiming
    iii. Full body movement
    iv. Procedurally generated combat/impact
    v. Balancing on rotating platform
    vi. Climbing while connecting with moving targets
    Foot Placement Map – handles all the logic to drive the full body of the character. A small sample of the demos you will see:
    i. Multi-legged creature foot placement.
    ii. Dynamic animation foot placement
    iii. Procedurally generated biped balance animation, linked to terrain modifying full body animation based on target, with procedural animation for reloading
    Creature Foot Placement – our foot placement node on a controllable eight leg spider.
  • How to set up a Free Trial
    – Delivered by Victor Puente | Clients Partner | 5 mins
  • Q&A | 10 mins

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