IKinema RunTime VR gets Farpoint players truly immersed

If scaling a volatile planet to battle humanoid aliens, annihilate gargantuan spiders, and blow drones out of the sky is your jam, then Farpoint surmounts your every expectation – now take those scenes to VR and you and your mates are in for an amplified hands-on FPS joy ride!

Developers, Impulse Gear are the first ever games studio to grab our cutting edge RunTime middleware and its VR capabilities with both hands, to bring the incredible realism and immersion needed to take the VR games market by storm – and it’s certainly delivered! It’s also the first PS VR title to use in tandem with Sony’s latest Aim Controller.

What does RunTime VR middleware deliver to virtual reality gaming?
The beauty of the VR aspect to RunTime is the fact that the player can accurately see their body during gameplay – real body parts such as hands, arms and elbows are accurately real-time synced with their virtual self, compared to other VR games where the player experiences what we affectionally call, Invisible Man Syndrome – mismatched weapons and props to hands, and floating body parts which kills the overall experience.

Developers can easily merge motion capture with VR, allowing players to capture their movement in real-time to experience themselves as highly accurate and believable characters within the virtual environment. RunTime integrates with Unreal Engine 4, enabling characters to interact with props, scale obstacles and respond naturally to constantly changing environments, all in real-time.  Easily create game rigs and behaviours for VR games and experiences. As a result, VR and game developers are able to deliver astonishingly real animation with totally believable characters.

The extension provides additional tools such as a dedicated VR rig editor in which the VR controllers and head mounted display can be associated with any character. With this, developers can create a VR rig and start animating the full body in less than 10 minutes.

Another feature is a dedicated VR solving node that combines upper body animation via the controllers, with foot placement for the ultimate immersive experience.

Take a look at the Farpoint story trailer
PS4 VR game release date: 17th May, 2017

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