IKINEMA set to bring VTubers to life for Real-Time Live! with GREE, Wright Flyer Live Entertainment and StretchSense at SIGGRAPH Asia, 2018

Ground breaking real-time motion capture technology brings not one – but two 3D animated virtual YouTubers to life in a live discussion performance

FARNHAM, UK, 4 December 2018IKINEMA, the top real-time whole body solving animation specialist, announce today their attendance at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Conference in Tokyo, Japan. The sought after LiveAction virtual production technology will once again bring virtual characters to life. During the performance the audience will be introduced to VTubers Aya and Lea, who will interact with each other live on stage. With their own unique personalities, the audience will gain insight into the power of virtual characters for live entertainment.

GREE and WFLE virtual YouTuber, Lea REALITE IMAI

It is a great pleasure to contribute to SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live! in SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 in Tokyo. The theme of this SIGGRAPH is “CROSSOVER”. The team “REALITY” is a real crossover project which involves IKINEMA (United Kingdom), StretchSense (New Zealand) and Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE; subsidiary of GREE, Inc.) and GREE VR Studio Lab to bring the CG and Entertainment community to a new generation of the Virtual Reality industry and culture, by our real-time acting personas. Our theme phrase is “Be yourself, you want to be”. It will be played by “Aya and Lea”, impressive avatars only for this project. The REALITY platform, which contains IKINEMA Live Action, and developed by Presence Tech group in WFLE, is evolving daily by a broadcasting program, smart phone app “REALITY Avatar”, and innovative challenges by VR Studio Lab. REALITY Gloves by StretchSense animates actors’ play more expressively. Please enjoy our massive virtual gifting and performance in high frame rate graphics on the live stage, in a new-born and new era of VR.
Akihiko Shirai, Director of GREE VR Studio Lab

New virtual YouTube idol, Aya Harper by IKINEMA

We are extremely pleased to have supported GREE with the launch of their new REALITY platform that connects VTubers to their fans, giving them the power to interact in real-time. This is only possible because of the advancement of technology and the affordability of products that were once only available to a certain few. As technology advances, it results in new ways of entertainment such as VTubing, which are then popularised around the globe. REALITY is powered by a number of products including the iPhone X to capture facial animation, Xsens or IKINEMA Orion to capture the body, and finally StretchSense gloves to capture the hands. All data is streamed and retargeted in real-time with the power of IKINEMA LiveAction, to the REALITY app which is available on any modern smartphone. We are proud to reveal to the world the latest in live interactive performance using cutting-edge technologies during SIGGRAPH Asia, 2018 and of course to introduce IKINEMA’s brand new VTuber, Aya.
Atbin Ebrahimpour, IKINEMA

More about LiveAction
IKINEMA LiveAction virtual production technology is fast becoming a surprisingly easy to use tool of choice for live performances. Directors rely on LiveAction for robustness and its unique ability to accurately live retarget mocap data from any motion capture source directly onto any 3D animated virtual character. LiveAction features IKINEMA’s award winning inverse kinematics solver and Animation Cleaning Pipeline filter (ACP) which cleans mocap data and fixes common problems such as foot sliding, floor placement and self-penetration all in real-time. The results astound on-lookers as the digital humans respond and interact with greater conviction and realism, closer connecting the viewer to their virtual celebrities and idols. IKINEMA and partners collaborate on what is the next evolution of advanced real-time animation pipelines for use in virtual production, virtual reality, and mixed reality live performances.

For more information please visit IKINEMA Virtual Production, http://bit.ly/2zwMOSA

Real-Time Live! Session Description | IKINEMA LiveAction
Date: Friday 7th December | Time: 4pm – 6pm | Venue: Hall C (4F, C Block)
“REALITY: Be yourself, you want to be” VTuber and presence technologies in live entertainment which can make interact between smartphone and virtual live characters
Presented by GREE, Wright Flyer Entertainment, IKINEMA, and StretchSense
Answering needs in the live entertainment sector and the Virtual YouTuber space, demonstrating how off-the-shelf software and hardware components can be combined together to realise a dream in the animation of interactive virtual characters. The presentation is a collaboration between GREE, Inc., Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, Inc. (WFLE), IKINEMA, and StretchSense.

IKINEMA would like to invite those interested to discuss how they too can harness the power of their whole body solving animation technology for all animation project styles.

Appointments and interviews, please contact:
Alexandre Pechev | IKINEMA CEO | A.Pechev@IKINEMA.com
Atbin Ebrahimpour | Technical Artist | A.Ebrahimpour@IKINEMA.com

PR and Communications contact:
Siobhán Hofma | S.Hofma@IKINEMA.com | +44 (0) 2033 189 179

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