IKinema Speaks at G3 2017 Conference

Meet IKinema and other industry experts at this free evening networking expo showcasing the successes of the games industry in and around Guildford. Snapshot of the future with R&D expo. Weds 5 July @ U. Surrey
IKinema on Motion Capture

Snapshot of what to expect: Be blown away by our demo of IKinema Orion, our high-end motion capture solution; we cover how a multi-million pound industry is making its way to our homes.

10 years ago, motion capture was only available to a few studios who could afford the space and the extravagant price tag that accompanied it. Today that is no longer the case, systems which once cost a small fortune to own or rent are becoming more affordable to smaller studios and even to individuals. The price for these systems has come down but the quality of the systems has gone up. What events have caused this drastic change in the industry and where is the industry heading because of it?

When: Wednesday 5th July 17:30 – 21:00 (Registration from 17:00)
Where: University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre

G3 is ready to welcome you to their 3rd annual summer event. The focus this year is on what is happening in Guildford and around the region as we develop the talent, infrastructure and technology of the future. This is a chance to hear about what others have been up to and to find out what YOU can do to help Guildford retain its status as the ‘Hollywood of the games industry’. As always, it’s a great chance to network with drinks and a barbecue. The event is free to all members of the local games and related industries.


17:00 Welcome and Expo
17:30 Welcome to the Conference
Prof. Adrian Hilton, Director, CVSSP
Nick Hurley, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys
17:50 Keynote: VR
Simon Reveley, Figment Productions
18:00 Keynote: Motion Capture
Atbin Ebrahimpour, IKinema
18:10 Q&A with Keynotes

Panel: Games and VR
Chair: Sam Collins, UKIE

Jonathan Newth, Focal Point VR
Simon Harris, SuperMassive Games
Simon Reveley, Figment Productions
Atbin Ebrahimpour, IKinema
Steve Watt, nDreams

18:45 Fast Forwards

Panel: Supporting Surrey’s games start-ups
Chair: John Collomosse, University of Surrey 

Ben Ward, RocketDesk
Dan Thomas, Moov2
Peter Molyneux, 22 Cans
Jon Weinbren, University of Surrey

19:10 Fast Forwards
19:15 Industrial Strategy: supporting the games cluster in Guildford
Nick Hurley, Charles Russell Speechlys
Tim Scott, UKIE
19:30 Launch: University of Surrey – Digital Games Hub
Keith Robson, 5G Innovation Centre
19:40 BBQ and Networking
21:30 Close

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