Achieve Game Development Brilliance and Believable Games with IKINEMA at GDC

Meet IKINEMA at GDC in San Francisco to learn how our powerful next-gen realtime animation technologies will accelerate your teams and immerse your players at one of the world’s most anticipated games conferences of the year.

IKINEMA RunTime is globally recognised as the best and only solution on the market for quality procedural game animation and whole body solving. Adopted to accelerate development cycles, deliver believable characters and tactile gameplay for recently released AAA blockbusters Kingdom Hearts III, and Crackdown 3, plus many more. Join award winners Bandai Namco, NCSoft Corporation, NetEase Network, SEGA, Warner Bros. Games and more that have already empowered their teams with our set of flexible animation solutions.

Book your meeting in advance:
Victor Puente | Senior Client Partner | 
During your meeting see a IKINEMA RunTime demonstration, discuss latest tech updates, learn efficient techniques and tool enhancements for optimised integration.

We welcome this partnership. IKINEMA RunTime middleware has exceeded our expectations – not only are we able to produce characters which accurately reflect human behaviour but also, our animation processes have been greatly simplified, which means developers can focus more time on other areas.

Implementing IKINEMA was extremely simple, we got it up and running within a day and it worked with our existing animation library, we didn’t need to add anything new to support IKINEMA.

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