IKINEMA and The Future Group demo Immersive Mixed Reality sets at The NAB Show 2019

To deliver deeper storytelling with dynamic digital content viewed via the array of available screen formats from small mobile devices through to mega-scale proportions at cinemas, live concerts and sporting events—The NAB Show is the mecca event where industry professionals gather to share the convergence of next generation tools, technologies and creative prowess for live broadcast. During this years’ show we were excited to partner with The Future Group to bring our LiveAction VR solution to Pixotope, enabling high fidelity whole body movements for the creation of convincing virtual characters in demand by creators of live virtual sets today and beyond.

The Future Group are international award winning technology and creative services specialists who have developed the all-in-one live virtual production solution, Pixotope designed for rapid creation of complex virtual studios, AR and on-air graphics of cinematic quality. Their team recognised that our sought after LiveAction VR real-time animation technology harnessed for live virtual performances, was an essential component to successfully bring their virtual robot Dot to life.

Within the green screened booth, the live performances were seamlessly demonstrated inside Pixotope’s virtual set to intrigued onlookers. LiveAction played its part by live streaming, retargeting and cleaning Dave’s movements (real-world actor) in real-time whilst captured using the Xsens mocap suit. Additionally, LiveAction accurately synched Dave with his virtual character Dot to deliver fluid and believable whole body motion throughout the demo. Graphics were beautifully rendered using the Unreal Engine, Arraiy for camera performing and rigid object tracking, completing the necessary partner software components for rapid design and deployment.

The pipeline is performed and explained in our NAB Show video above demonstrating how to leverage quality next-gen tools to produce convincing real-time animations and photo-realistic graphics for cross-reality and Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) projects.

Real time animation and live virtual character puppeteering has been one of the most asked for features from our customers, but also one of the most costly and difficult types of production to do. By partnering with Xsens and IKINEMA, we have collectively created the solution our customers are looking for. – THE FUTURE GROUP

Incredible virtual productions by global customers who turned  their dream projects into a reality with LiveAction:
Globo: FIFA World Cup 2018
MWM Immersive and Aaron Sims: Chained: A Victorian Nightmare
GREE and Wright Flyer Live Entertainment: Virtual YouTubers
Kite & Lightning: Bebylon virtual character
Stiller Studios mixed reality animations

Why customers choose IKINEMA LiveAction for live virtual production and sets
LiveAction is our powerful 3D animation mocap live streaming, instant retargeting and real-time mocap cleaning software which boasts zero lag—meaning there is no latency between the actor performing and your virtual character’s performance. Avatars move with authentic human or creature behaviours and interact with props in their virtual environments ll performed within Unreal Engine 4. LiveAction works with any mocap system (via LiveLink or VRPN) and comes out of the box for Xsens, Optitrack, Vicon and IKINEMA Orion. It can retarget onto any number of characters simultaneously and requires minimal set up.

IKINEMA LiveAction Availability
LiveAction is available for Windows platform. Virtual Production users can purchase node-locked or floating licenses from £2,500. Customise LiveAction to suit your projects requirements with optional add-ons to build even more powerful experiences. Choose your level of license from the IKINEMA website. See the LiveAction demoGet an evaluation or for more information contact Emma Collins, E.Collins@IKINEMA.com.

Prominent clients include: Digital Domain, Disney ABC Networks, Disney ESPN, Dreamworks Animation, Epic Games, Goodbye Kansas, GREE, Inc., Kite & Lightning, Madison Wells Media, Nexon GT, Oath Inc, Original Force, Perfect World, Rede Globo, Smilegate, Stiller Studios, Tencent NEXT Studio, WB Games Inc., Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, and many more.

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