NAB Show: IKINEMA demonstrates with The Future Group and Xsens

NAB Show Las Vegas | The Future Group NAB Stand: SU12702 | Date: 8–11 April, 2019 
Exhibition times: Monday, April 8, 10am–6pm | Tuesday, April 9, 9am–6pm
Wednesday, April 10, 9am–6pm | Thursday, April 11, 9am–2pm

IKINEMA has partnered with The Future Group and Xsens to power Pixotope. The solution combines motion capture, character animation, compositing, and character-talent interaction, into a single real-time process that removes much of the video post-production traditionally required for this type of content. IKINEMA is set to demonstrate LiveAction with Xsens at The Future Group’s stand.

“The need for highly believable augmented characters that behave naturally and dynamically inside virtual sets are important factors to immerse and engage viewers—we’re delighted to advance Pixotope™ customers with our quality LiveAction technology. Together with The Future Group and Xsens we’re taking them into the next generation of live broadcast.”

“Real time animation and live virtual character puppeteering has been one of the most asked for features from our customers, but also one of the most costly and difficult types of production to do. By partnering with Xsens and IKINEMA, we have collectively created the solution our customers are looking for.”

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Atbin Ebrahimpour | Technical Content Producer |
Nancy Guttridge | Head of Marketing |

IKINEMA LiveAction virtual production technology is fast becoming a surprisingly easy to use tool of choice for live performances. Directors rely on LiveAction for robustness and its unique ability to live stream and accurately retarget mocap data from any motion capture source, directly onto any 3D animated virtual character. LiveAction features IKINEMA’s award winning inverse kinematics solver and Animation Cleaning Pipeline filter (ACP) which cleans mocap data and fixes common problems such as foot sliding, floor placement and self-penetration all in real-time. The results astound on-lookers as the digital characters respond and interact with greater conviction and realism, closer connecting the viewer to their virtual characters. IKINEMA and partners collaborate on what is the next evolution of advanced real-time animation pipelines for use in virtual production, virtual reality, and mixed reality live performances.
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