See how IKINEMA brings VTube characters to life at Real-Time Live!, at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018

Introducing Aya Harper, IKINEMA’s new virtual YouTube idol designed specifically for the Real-Time Live! East meets West in an exciting twist on the traditional animé stylisation to now 3D virtual characters, Aya and Lea. Our cutting-edge LiveAction virtual production technology is set to bring the two virtual characters to life, conversing and interacting – the performance unfolds in front of a live audience!

This is a truly unique and pioneering collaboration between IKINEMA, GREE, Inc., Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, Inc. (WFLE), and StretchSense where actors and virtual characters demonstrate how off-the-shelf software and hardware are successfully combined to explode growth for the live entertainment sector and the Virtual YouTuber space with animated interactive virtual characters.

Date: Friday 7th December | Time: 4pm – 6pm | Venue: Hall C (4F, C Block)
“REALITY: Be yourself, you want to be” VTuber and presence technologies in live entertainment which can make interact between smartphone and virtual live characters.

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