Used by NASA Hybrid Reality Lab, and Tencent, IKinema’s Orion can be used with any OpenVR hardware like the HTC Vive and its controllers to capture head and hand motion.

Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire To Use IKinema Full-Body Tracking

Playable at The VOID locations, this new Star Wars experience looks like the best yet.

We’ve all wanted to be a Jedi at some point, and some of the less reputable among us have even wanted to be a Sith; thankfully, that dream is closer to reality than ever before thanks to The VOID, and their hyper-reality experience that is Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is a full-body virtual reality (VR) experience that will take users into the Star Wars universe like never before, with untethered VR technology that will let players truly feel part of their favourite universe.

You’ll be able to play Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire in two spots in the USA, Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California, while anyone looking for a UK location will be able to find it at London’s Westfield.

IKinema’s technology has already been used in many VR videogames and applications, with the team at Supermassive Games using the full-body movement tech in their latest projects. The procedural animation software helps characters move more naturally in VR, with minimal intensive hands-on development time.
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