Supermassive Games latest titles come to life using IKinema animation technology

FARNHAM, UK, 18 July 2017 – IKINEMAWe’re excited to announce today that IKinema RunTime, the world’s leading full-body IK solving middleware was utilised in the development of exclusive PlayStation 4 titles created by UK game developer, Supermassive Games.

IKinema RunTime procedurally animates 3D characters of any shape or size during real-time, resulting in avatars that respond with superior fidelity to the world around them, resulting in highest levels of life-like and natural movement with full body immersion in VR. The middleware enables studios to significantly reduce animation assets to slash production time and cost.

“We’re delighted Supermassive has leveraged RunTime to create triple-A calibre games for both the traditional and VR markets – it’s testament to the middleware’s power of flexibility and why our cutting-edge technology is already integral to so many high-end animation pipelines. We’re proud to work with such talented teams, and we look forward to working with many more.”
Alex Val | Clients Partner | IKinema

“By integrating IKinema’s RunTime tech we have been able to take our character movement to a higher level by giving them a more solidly human look and feel as they interact with the world around them. It has enabled us to maintain our high quality cinematic style and introduce new layers of simulation, movement complexity and realism into our characters. With this runtime solution, we can manipulate character animations at a new level of fidelity and our production time and cost is reduced. IKinema’s middleware is now solidly integrated in our project pipelines.”
Stephen Goss | Director of Design and Technology | Supermassive Games

IKinema RunTime Pricing and Availability
IKinema RunTime includes the RunTime VR extension. The software is integrated with Unreal Engine 4, and is available in three license tiers: Studio, Team, and Indie. Full dedicated support is included for Studio and Team licenses. Please make your choice from the IKinema website, Alternatively email to request an evaluation pack. Available for Windows, PS4 and other VR compatible platforms.

About IKinema
IKinema ( sells products that dramatically improve the quality of animation and reduce the cost of producing animation. It uses patented IP to dynamically calculate animation sequences. The resulting animations are more realistic and cheaper to produce and maintain. IKinema was established in 2006 in the UK and has actively traded since 2009. The company owns patent protected intellectual property for fast, realistic and organic animation for VR experiences, games, training and simulation, motion capture, movie production and live television broadcast. Prominent clients include: Capcom, Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Epic Games, Framestore, Linden Lab, LucasArts, Microsoft, NCSOFT, Nvidia, Snail Games, Square Enix, Sumo Digital, Supermassive Games, Technicolor, The Foundry, 20th Century Fox, and Vicon. The company is in partnership with Autodesk, Intel, Microsoft, and Sony.
All products or brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. © Copyright 2017 IKinema.

About Supermassive Games
We are a BAFTA-winning, independent game developer with a reputation for innovation in both storytelling and VR. We have released a number of successful titles and are best known for the critically acclaimed PS4 hit Until Dawn. We recently announced 3 new titles coming for 2017 – Bravo Team (PSVR), Hidden Agenda (PS4) and The Inpatient (PSVR).

IKinema Marketing and PR: Siobhán Hofma,

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