IKinema Technology Integrates Into Nvidia Holodeck

FARNHAM, UK – Realtime animation technology specialist Ikinema (www.IKinema.com) announced that their full-body solving technology is being used with Nvidia Holodeck, a photorealistic, collaborative virtual reality environment that incorporates the feeling of real-world presence through sight, sound and haptics. Ikinema’s VR technology delivers heightened sense of realism and full immersion for participants inside the Holodeck environment and helps dissolve geographical limitations by allowing individuals to group together, interact and converse with each other inside their chosen virtual environment. A person’s 3D virtual persona can naturally and instinctively move in and around high render, life-size objects. When used for product creation, the ability to make live prototype iterations and quick decision making delivers an efficient production life-cycle at design level, before items go to the manufacture stage.

IKinema technology integrated into NVIDIA Holodeck

The powerful full-body solving technology is being used in new photorealistic, collaborative VR environment

IKinema’s full-body solving technology has been incorporated into a photorealistic and collaborative VR environment, NVIDIA Holodeck. The environment aims to replicate the feeling of real-world environments through sight, sound and haptics.

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