How Top Studios Create Blockbusters with IKinema RunTime and UE4

via Unreal Engine blog
Demand for super-realistic 3D character motion during gameplay and virtual reality experiences is on the rise, and studios who’ve integrated IKinema’s RunTime middleware with UE4 are already making waves with incredibly immersive and highly engaging games. In fact, IKinema is already in pipelines of Square Enix, Microsoft Studios, Sony, Supermassive Games, Snail Games, Capcom, NCsoft, Archiact, plus many more.

IKinema Banishes ‘Invisible Man Syndrome’ for VR Animation Gameplay

IKinema Banishes ‘Invisible Man Syndrome’ for VR Animation Gameplay

New extension for IKinema RunTime simplifies VR workflow and takes it mainstream

FARNHAM, UK, 4 August 2016IKINEMA, the leader in real-time inverse kinematics, has developed a virtual reality (VR) extension for its full-body IK middleware RunTime. While RunTime has always been VR-capable, the extension takes this capability mainstream, enabling developers to easily merge motion capture with VR, and allowing players to capture their movement in real-time to experience themselves as highly accurate and believable characters within the virtual environment.

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