IKinema Helps Galvanise Future of VR and Game Creation at G3 Conference

We were honoured to take up the positions of Keynote Speaker for Motion Capture, VR and Games Panel expert, and showcase Orion – our high-end motion capture solution, in combination with LiveAction our full-body performance capture software on it’s utilisation by leading production houses for realtime virtual performances and VR experiences.

IKinema demos at The Motion Capture Summit UK, 2017

We were proud to be invited as an Industry Speaker to this year’s The Motion Capture Summit in June where we showed off our Orion and LiveAction software. Co-hosted by MoCap specialists Centroid Studios, The Mocap Vaults, and Faceware Technologies, the event was crammed with demonstrations led by a team of industry veterans and technology specialists, all held under one roof at London’s famous, Shepperton Studios.

Epic face work with Ninja Theory

By Mike Seymour | Last week at GDC 2016, Epic Games and game developer Ninja Theory showed a real time puppeteering system for a human character direct from the stage to near final game level visuals. Melina Juergens, Ninja Theory’s video editor, become the star of both the game at their offices and then at GDC by featuring as the face of Senua in this stunning live performance.