IKinema demos at The Motion Capture Summit UK, 2017

We were proud to be invited as an Industry Speaker to this year’s The Motion Capture Summit in June where we showed off our Orion and LiveAction software. Co-hosted by MoCap specialists Centroid Studios, The Mocap Vaults, and Faceware Technologies, the event was crammed with demonstrations led by a team of industry veterans and technology specialists, all held under one roof at London’s famous, Shepperton Studios.

NYU transforms Shakespeare’s Hamlet into a VR experience

Javier Molina and his VR team at NYU Tandon decided that our very own virtual reality software, LiveAction was the best solution to deliver the believable character motion needed for their latest VR theatre production, To Be With Hamlet. Streaming natural behaviours from actor to 3D character in real-time was imperative for greater storytelling, as well as a convincing experience for audience participation during live shows.

IKinema LiveAction and Unreal Engine: A Powerful Duo for Live Virtual Experiences

To successfully convince and engage your audience during their virtual experience is the ultimate high-five for creators in the virtual field. Achieved by means of compelling storytelling, dynamic environments, and importantly – characters that behave with infinite realism and believability – essential elements to emotionally connect with characters inside their story, film and TV is the perfect modern-day example.

IKinema LiveAction: Technology of choice for top virtual productions and live VR performances

Groundbreaking VR experiences prove IKinema’s LiveAction as the superior solving tech to deliver convincing motion in live animated performances within Unreal Engine 4

FARNHAM, UK, 5 January 2017 – IKinema – the leader in real-time inverse kinematics, today announced the third edition of LiveAction, the company’s Virtual Reality and Virtual Production animation technology, used by 3D animation teams and directors for live performances to mass audiences.

SIGGRAPH: IKinema’s INTiMATE Delivers Voice-Activated Animation

U.K.-based real-time inverse kinematics leader IKinema presented a technology demo at SIGGRAPH on Tuesday, showing virtual characters responding in real time to voice commands. The company is known in the film and games industries for high quality motion-capture solving tech and realistic procedural animation, and now sees mass-market potential for this new technology in VR and AR environments.