Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares has you jumping with IKinema RunTime

Tarsier Studios invested in our powerful RunTime middleware back in 2014, in the day when Little Nightmares was originally anointed Hunger Games – it’s fair to say RunTime has been in their animation pipeline to build their uniquely styled puzzle game from the ground up.

Working closely with their dev team early on helped them tap into the middlewares’ incredible cutting-edge techniques to breathe life into their quirksome, ghoulish characters – where character animation interact with dynamic objects with more believable motion and a much wider range of behaviours – in any game, this is what truly makes for a convincing gaming experience. RunTime uniquely allowed their artists the freedom for creative artistry, and they’ve beautifully executed this capability to create a stunner of a game.

They absolutely made the right decision to get RunTime on board, as now Tarsier alongside publishing giant Bandai Namco recently released to the world a game of blockbuster proportions – and all from indie origins!

IKinema’s full body IK solution allowed us to quickly and easily add far more life to the characters in Little Nightmares. Six can interact with a wide variety of dynamic objects in a way that is tactile, believable and far more detailed, giving a level of physicality that perfectly captures the feel of our game. IKinema also allowed us to focus on wider variety of behaviours for our AI characters instead of spending time with fixed animations.
Andreas Johnsson | Business Developer and Co-founder | Tarsier Studios 

For a small and ambitious studio like Tarsier, finding the right middleware to leverage our creative talent is of crucial importance. In working with IKinema we’ve unlocked an outstanding tool to help us realise our vision for a tactile, atmospheric game like Little Nightmares.

Don’t be a scaredy cat! Get your sea legs on and dive under the waves aboard the creaking vessel, The Maw with Six (aka You), outwit creatures and humanoids with tentacle arms, hacking kitchen utensils and more – but don’t cry on our shoulder if you wind up as fish pie!

IKinema RunTime is available as Indie, Team or Studio licenses priced from £99.
Tarsier Studios  |  Little Nightmares  | Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe


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