Guitar Hero Live Rocks with IKinema Action

Guitar Hero Live Rocks with IKinema Action

Framestore used IKinema’s Action solver technology for the mocap crowd scenes in Activision’s and FreeStyleGames’ Guitar Hero Live.

The groundbreaking music game allows players to take to the stage in front of live crowds that dynamically react to the player’s performance, creating a level of immersion and realism never experienced before in game playing. Framestore’s Capture Lab team chose IKinema Action because it enabled them to deliver the fidelity of the original performances by solving in real time directly within MotionBuilder.

Guitar Hero Live launched in North America on October 20 and Europe on October 23 2015. 

Watch the official trailer here


Deliver stunning animation from quality MoCap

Action for Maya and Action for MotionBuilder incorporates IKINEMA’s core rigging technology to solve motion capture data delivering stunning animation every time. Match live actor performance to virtual avatars with greater realism, and eliminate post process work by automatically resolving inaccurate data, gaps and noise. Fluid spine, neck and shoulders are easily achieved while maintaining solid lock to floor.

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