IKINEMA Solver Attributes

The solver in WebAnimate has a dedicated window for parameter tuning.  

  • Reset Solver - solver internal state will be reset at every frame to achieve deterministic behaviour
  • Iterations - number of iterations in the solve
  • Tolerance - small values for better precision
  • Figure Mass - overall mass of the figure used for automatic balance
  • Translation gain - gain on movement of the root
  • Translate root - enable movement of the root bone in the scene for XYZ
  • Enable balance - enables solving for balance
  • Balance Gain - gain on the solve for balance vs. main IK solve
  • Solver Damping - damping value for the solve
  • Pull gain - overall gain for all constraints
  • Ret gain - retargeting gain that determines the influence of the joint data in comparison to the constraint data
  • Ret Scale - global scale of the retargeting tasks for all constraints used during retargeting
  • Ret Offset - global offset of the character in the scene by modifying offsets of all constraints