IKINEMA Segment Attributes

Every segment connected to a solver (during retargeting or rigging) has a number of attributes related to the solve. These are available under IKinema  Tab.

  • Stiffness - this parameter determines the stiffness of the solve for X Y and Z respectively. The values are from 0 to 1.
  • DOF - this determines the active degrees of freedom for XYZ. For example only one DOF would provide a hinge/roll joint. If all DOFs are disabled, this segment is excluded from the solve
  • Retargeting - this determines whether retargeting information is included in the solve
  • Limits - enable or disable limits in the solve
  • Enforce - enforce the limits
  • Segment Axis - used in the solver when specifying limits - the axis along the bone
  • Max Vel - maximum velocity for this joint
  • Limits Min/Max - min and max ranges of the bone for XY and Z respectively