Installation for users with access to source code of IKINEMA RunTime plugin

Note: RunTime Indie is not officially supported in source builds of Unreal Engine.

When building engine from source


  • Extract the content of the Unreal IKinema Integration
  • Copy Engine folder to the installation of Unreal Engine 4, i.e. Program FilesUnreal Engine4.5Engine
  • Create a license directory under /Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/IKinema/license copy the content of the license folder from the SDK folder to that folder; Replace the license file (a0.lic) with the license file that you have received from our support team


For binary installations and builds

  • Extract the content of the IKinemaGame
  • Create Plugins folder in the extracted IKinemaGame directory and copy the content of Plugins from the pack received from IKinema here
  • Right click on IKinemaGame.uproject and select, generate Visual Studio project files
  • Open the project and build the game
  • Open IKinemaDemo level