Foot Placement, Look At and Aiming Node Behaviour

0 Foot-Placement Node Overview

IKINEMA's foot placement node is designed to give quick and easy access to some of the most commenly sought after procedurally generated animation behaviors. 


The foot placement node does't impose any limitations on the character you use. The node will work for any type of character from bipeds, quadrupeds to any-legged creatures. 


The Foot Placement node supports the following features out-of-the-box. 


Full body foot placement to morph character animation to the terrain. This allows for procedurally modifying existing animation so that the characters feet and full body are positioned realistically on the virtual terrain. 

Full body look at and aiming behavior. This allows your character to lookat and aim at any target in the world.
Full body weapon wielding behavior. This allows your character to support any type of weapon by procedurally the hand positions in a base animation to give a realistic pose.