What are the main licensing restrictions of IKinema RunTime-Indie for Unreal Engine 4, can I use it?

If you did not earn/receive more than $80,000 in revenue/funding in the last fiscal year you can use IKinema RunTime-Indie in Unreal Engine 4.

What happens if I or my team exceed the RunTime-Indie revenue threshold?

If the project is undergoing continued development and the threshold is exceeded, you will be required to upgrade the license from Indie to continue using RunTime.

If you start development of a new project and want to use IKinema, you will be required to upgrade the license from Indie.

If development stops with the current project, there is no need to upgrade the Indie license. 

I have a studio with three computers, but only two are used for development, how many licenses do I need

Licenses are only needed on the computers that run Unreal Engine for development. The IKinema RunTime-Indie license is node-locked.

Are there royalties or a per-title fee?


Are there any annual or maintenance fees?

No, license is perpetual. You have the option to Upgrade for a fee to bring you to the latest RunTime-Indie build.

Does IKinema RunTime-Indie offer floating licenses?


Can I sell or transfer ownership of my license to another person?

No sorry, licenses may not be sold and are otherwise non-transferable.

Can I get refund for my license?

If the license is used, i.e. installed and locked to hardware, then No sorry. If the license is not installed and used, then Yes we can issue a refund.

Do you have a specially-priced license for students?

No, we have just one model for IKinema RunTime-Indie.

Can I use a RunTime-Indie and RunTime (professional) on the same project/computer/same studio/team?

Developing commercial content using the RunTime-Indie and RunTime (professional) simultaneously is not allowed.

Are other platforms like iOS, MAC, Linux and Android supported?

Currently only PC is supported. Support for these devices is planned for development.

Are other platforms like PS4 and Xbox One supported?

Currently RunTime-Indie does not support packaging for consoles. Console support (as well as access to source code) is available with the full RunTime license.

Does IKinema RunTime Indie work with older CPUs not supporting AVX instruction set?

No. As a minimal requirement, IKinema RunTime Indie requires a CPU supporting at least AVX. Any CPU from 2011 onward should support it. For example (Intel Sandy Bridge or higher, or AMD Bulldozer or higher)

Is the source code included?

Source code of the integration is not included with the RunTime-Indie license. Source code is only distributed with IKinema RunTime.
I use a modified version of UE4, what should I do?
RunTime-Indie is currently only supported for use with the binary (launcher) version of Unreal Engine. It is not supported within a source build of Unreal Engine.
I have typed a wrong Key during installation, what should I do?
Delete the content of  IKinema folder under "C:ProgramDataIKinemaLicRunTimeIndie".
Re-run UE4.
It should ask you for the key again.

Can I make commercial games/content with RunTime-Indie?

Yes, if you meet the requirements to use RunTime-Indie, mainly, that you did not earn/receive more than $80,000 in revenue/funding in the last fiscal year. Please refer to our Software License Agreement for further information.

What happens if I/we make a game with RunTime-Indie that earns more than $80,000?

Please contact store@ikinema.com.

I'm not eligible to use RunTime-Indie. How can I try RunTime before committing to a purchase?

We have 60 days of free evaluation of RunTime for AAA studios. Please contact store@ikinema.com.

How can I license or use RunTime-Indie source code?

You need to obtain a full license of RunTime. Please contact store@ikinema.com.

I would like to develop for a console. What do I need?

You need to obtain a full license of RunTime. Please contact store@ikinema.com.

Will I receive a copy of RunTime-Indie by mail?

RunTime-Indie is delivered online as an electronic download. There is no disc, box or manual. Consequently, there are no shipping fees with your purchase.

How do I upgrade my license?

You can upgrade your licenses via your webstore account at www.ikinema.com

How can I release the license from the machine I am using?
Currently, this is not possible but we are working on this.