Settings for streaming from OptiTrack Motive

Retarget skeleton stream

Motive 2.0+:

Please keep in mind some settings like 'Command Port' and 'Data Port' are only visible in the Motive UI when you enable 'Show Advanced' in the Streaming settings.

Broadcast frame data: ON
Local Interface: It needs to be a real IP. For example: Do not use "localhost" if streaming from the same computer

Labeled Markers: Off
Unlabeled Markers: Off
Solver Replaces Occlusion: On
Rigid bodies: On/Off (This depends whether you are streaming Rigid Bodies)
Skeletons: On
Skeleton Coordinates: Local
Bone naming convention: FBX or Motive
Up Axis: Y up
Remote trigger: Off
Transmission Type: Multicast

Subject Prefix: On

Visual3D Compatible: Off 

Scale: 1

Command port: 1510
Data port: 1511
Multicast interface:


Broadcast Tracked Data: Off