Settings for streaming from MVN XSENS

Note: IP and port numbers are examples. In LiveAction it is recommended to use real IP value and no "localhost" string

In MVN Studio set the IP (of the machine that will run LiveAction) and a port number to be used for the streaming (e.g. 9763). Use the same IP and port in the UE4 blueprint.

IKinema incorporates streaming data functionality from Xsens MVN. This feature is available on Windows builds only. To setup the streaming, the following procedure needs to be executed

  1. Run MVN and select Options -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous
  2. Select: Enable network streaming, send when paused
  3. Set the Protocol and dataset to Quaternion Based Orientations
  4. Specify the destination addresses to localhost:9763 or the specific server machine IP:9763
  5. Start Playback in MVN