Streaming generic mocap data via VRPN

IKinema LiveAction v3.0 supports streaming of a generic mocap data from any system via a dedicated VRPN client-server capabilities.

Example source code project of the VRPN server is available here

How to obtain & build the VRPN server:

1. download the server from the above link and open the vrpn_server.sln with VS2015 and build in either Debug or Release

2. check the documentation on how to setup streaming in LA

3. select VRPN as mocap source

4. enter the IP of the machine the server is running on (localhost also works if the server is running on the same machine)

5. the port & subject name are as printed in the server window (3883 & Test_Skeleton by default)

6. the server is streaming Y-up so that option needs to be ticked