Part 2: Text Documentation

Matching, Mapping & Creating Tasks


Match up your source and target skeleton (remember to match the target skeleton to the source skeleton and not the source to the target). Use your mocap stage actor as a reference for the matching process.

The ankles of your target and source characters are the only bone's that have to be matched up exactly.



Once your matching is done you will need to open the 'Mapping Editor' (figure 1) and map your target character bones to your source character (figure 2)

 Figure 1

1: Associate your source characters bones with the target.

2: If you would like to save your mapping template to be used again in the future then name and save it.

3: Once you’re done save the mapping and close the editor.

Figure 2


Creating Tasks

Next step is creating constraints (tasks) for your character (figure 3).

1: Select a bone

2: Right click on your bone in the hierarchy

3: Go ‘Constraint Type’ then select from the list of pre-set constraints

Figure 3


When creating tasks for a character it is crucial to have tasks on the feet, hips, chest and head bones.  You can create tasks for the hands if you want better control of them during animation or interactions (figure 4)

Figure 4


Once you’ve created the constraint, it will appear around its designated bone (figure 4).

If your character has neck, spine and shoulder bones with no source mapped, then they will need their weight value lowered (figure 5)

Figure 5


Now you're able to move on to Part 3.


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