Part 3: Text Documentation

Creating an Animation BluePrint


1: Right click on the content browser.

2: Go Animation, Animation Blueprint (figure 1)

3: Then select your target skeleton, this is the skeleton we imported earlier (figure 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2


Once the Animation BluePrint has been created, rename and open it (figure 3)

Figure 3

Once the Animation BluePrint is open (figure 4) we will need to create two extra nodes. These are 'Mocap Stream' (similar to the one in the IKinema Rig Editor)and the IKinema Rig we made for our character.

Figure 4

In the ABP right click and create a node called ‘MoCap Stream’

This is the same parameter we had field our earlier in Part 1, fill it out with the same information as before. Making sure to set the server in 'Details' (figure 5).

Figure 5


Next, right click and search ‘Retargeting using IKinema rig’ then followed by the name of your rig (figure 6)

Figure 6

Once you’ve created the two extra nodes, connect everything up. The connection order goes 'MoCap' Stream then your 'IKinema rig' and finally the 'Final Animation Pose' node (figure 7)

Figure 7


After connecting all the nodes save, and compile.

Your stream should be retargeted on your character now and we can move on to Part 4, setting up the Animation Cleaning Pipeline.


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