General Solver Parameters

Max iterations: Is the maximum number of solver iterations. By default, this is set to 150. However, you are able to increase or decrease this depending on your needs.

Translate root: Enables root translation and allows finding an optimal root position.

Retargeting gain: Is the influence of the source animation on the retargeted character. 0 means no influence and 1 means maximum influence.

P Coefficient: Is the overall gain in the IKINEMA solver.

Source scale: Is the import scale of the source data In the IKINEMA rig editor.

Enable shadow posing: Enables shadow posing when solving.

Root translation weight: Determines how mobile the root is.

Root translation DoF: Enables you to disable root translation via the x,y,z axis.

Task Precision: Allows you to set the accuracy and dampening on the solver.

Limits gain: Same as retargeting gain

Combine with animation: Tells the solver to use the limit parameter info and shadow posing/retargeting.