Bone Parameters

Weight parameter: This feature is used to stiffen the joints between the bones to get the desired behaviour. This is usually used for Rigid body solving, in set-ups where there is a bone chain with no bone retargeting or in a situation where you want to restrict the motion of the bone or bone hierarchy. e.g. For the spine and neck hierarchy, or limbs, like arms and legs. Or when you want our IK to be driving bones that aren't retargeted.

Active parameter: You are able to enable or disable the IKINEMA solver on the selected bone. By default, this would be enabled and would be used in retargets where your target character has extra bones like roll bones.

Retargeting Gain: Is used when you have done bone to bone retargeting. It’s the influence of the animation data on the retarget pose of your character. Reducing this, you would be reducing the influence of the source data on your retarget for that bone.

Retargeting DoF: Allows you to simply chose the axis per bone you want the Retargeting gain to have an influence on. So can reduce the influence on the X, Y, or Z.

DOF: allows you to disable rotation via either X, Y, Z axis.

Enabling stretch: Via the axis this allows our solver to stretch that bone via that axis so that it can reach its target.

Reset to Rest: resets the bone to rest pose

Max velocity: limits the change that happens per bone rotation, per frames.

Enable retargeting: Decide whether the joint will follow the orientation from a source joint or not.