Self Penetration Parameters

Characterisation editor: Enables you to characterise body parts that would be part of your self-penetration setup.

Create IK constraint (enabling or disabling): IK constraint for self-penetration and is enabled automatically via the characterisation parameter. This would be set with the Characterization Editor.

Collision shape: is created for body parts which have external body parts intersecting them. You can use the features found here to set the shapes, change the size and set it location.

Self-penetration constraint parameters

Self-collision: Enables or disables the self-collision parameter on a limb that's intersecting a body part.

Bones to collide: You need to associate which bones you've created a collision shape for.

Mesh offset: Allows you to set an offset for the bones when it's in contact with the collision shape.

Normal smoothness: is a filter for smoothness and is mostly used for when you have multiple shapes intersecting or your collision shape has sharp edges.

Position and rotation depth: allows you to use the settings on this bones self pen feature to have an influence on other bones going up the hierarchy.

Position and rotation weight: Is the importance of this tasks parameter in comparison to all other tasks.