Streaming ManusVR Gloves with Xsens MVN Animate Pro

Recently Xsens has integrated ManusVR Gloves into their MVN software allowing you to stream and capture both body and fingers. This was first introduced in MVN Animate Pro 2018.2 and has been a feature of every MVN Animate software since. This is amazing news for the industry. With the integration of ManusVR gloves in MVN Animate Pro this means users of Xsens and LiveAction can stream and retarget not only full body data but now fingers as well.

-To learn more about LiveAction and what to do after you import your data please visit our LiveAction Documentation.
-To learn how to get ManusVR Gloves working in MVN Animate Pro 2018.2 (and newer) follow this Xsens video.

To be able to successfully import the ManusVR data alongside Xsens body data through the MVN Animate software to IKINEMA LiveAction is a very simple process. This process is no different than LiveAction’s usual procedure for streaming full body data. You only need to make sure your Xsens settings are enabled to stream Finger data.

                -Inside your ‘MVN Animate’ software make sure in your ‘Network Streamer Options’ that ‘Send Finger Tracking Data’ is enabled. This will allow MVN to stream the ManusVR ‘Finger Data’. (Reference Image below)



                -Then in the LiveAction Editor, you would follow the normal LiveAction procedure of importing data into Unreal. Nothing else needs to be done and you can now go and match your finger bones.

For more regarding using LiveAction and its great feature check out our documentation here.