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IKINEMA Action for MotionBuilder

Release Notes

Release Notes:

IKinema Action 2.0 for MotionBuilder

- Fix: Modifying skeletons after characterization 
- Fix: Retargeted tasks now inherit scale correctly

- New: Task penetration default setting change to OFF
- New: Ability to select the default solver position when in marker solving mode

Supported versions:
The supported versions of MotionBuilder are 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. All versions have full features of IKinema Action for MotionBuilder

Feature Enhancements: 
- Animation Cleaning Pipeline (ACP) added to Motion Builder for automatic correction of animation during retargeting and marker solving. ACP includes motion filtering and sliding stabilization

- Default solver template, “Reset To Defaults”, added in automatic and manual modes

- Retargeting Gain settings are available also per axis. For marker solve, the gain is automatically set for knees, elbows and toes; This is part of the template associated with "Reset To Defaults”.
- Great improvements on the match pose adjustment during marker solving. Added option for locking markers offsets to prevent unwanted match changes

- The marker dropout functionality works with setups with ACP

- Increased stability and consistency on solver initialization, timeline dragging and changing takes

Bug fixes:
- Fixed issues with incomplete solver initialization upon setting source, switching takes and plotting multiple takes
- Fixed issues with occasional Auto-tune values not adjusted properly
- “Soft stepping effect” reduced/eliminated with the use of the new retargeting gain settings per axis

Known issues and workarounds:
- By default the “Reset To Defaults” is ON. For older scenes, you have to uncheck the “Always Use Defaults” in the solver properties and resave the scene. Also, you may need to reapply the previous custom settings if you had changed Retargeting Gain and Stiffness parameters. All other properties including per marker properties are not affected by this change;


IKinema Action 1.0 for MotionBuilder 

Version 1.0.12:

- Resolved a bug on multi-take plotting 
- Resolved a bug on switching takes for marker solving
- Resolved a bug on switching to stance pose

Version 1.0.11:
- Resolved bug on translation of bones on some models when on a single frame
- Snap to retarget source now works

Known bugs:
- Stance pose is not working, work in progress
- Changing the match pose on the fly when solving from markers will not be saved. Key the skeleton to preserve it.
- Unlocking definition pose and locking it again in attempt to change the match pose might not work in all cases
some flips on bones when dragging the timeline manually

IKinema Action for Motion Builder, 24/02/2015

- Improvements to the retargeting
- Various bug fixes

IKinema Action for Motion Builder, 12/02/2015

The release contains:

- Marker solving using Actor and flexible mocap
- Retargeting
- Posing rigging
- Floor penetration (foot placement)

Work in progress:
- retargeting on highly disproportionate characters to be added
- improvements on the foot-placement node
- Improvements on finger solving
- improvements on penetration
- adding the ACP (Animation Cleaning Pipeline)