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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Short Tutorials

In this section, a series of short tutorials will go over some of the main features of IKinema Action for Maya. Run the videos in full screen and quality set to 720p 

  •  Creating IKinema Solver
  •  Excluding hierarchies from the solve
  • Excluding end bones in the Rig Editor
  •  Setting up degrees of freedom for solve for the joint
  • Setting Continuous or non-Continuous Solve
  • Creating IKINEMA constraints
  • Adjusting solving depth for constraints
  • Adding a pole vector constraint using Position task 
  • Setting up solving with stretch
  • Setting up limits
  • Using templates for retargeting and marker solving with the Rig Editor
  • Rig Editor Parameters
  • Retargeting and pose customisation using the Rig Editor
  • Retargeting with auto match and Rig Editor
  • Adjusting the match pose using the Rig Editor
  • Using pin influence for testing game rigs
  • Look at task modes for game rigs
  • Import animation to a rig