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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Game Rigs Workflow

The procedure covers creating real-time rigs with the Human, Dragon or the Elephant templates.

  1.        Select a template from the drop-down menu
  2.        Select the root join of the character (usually it is the hips joint)
  3.        SHIFT select the parent  joints of the joint chains you want to exclude. Keeping the joints in the solver to minimum improves real-time performance (refer to the “Include selected end joints in the solver checkbox” section for detailed use)
  4.        Press the “Create Rig” button. The IKinema solver is applied with the default options, hips task will be created automatically and a corresponding Pin object
  5.        Optional: Change the Solver Iterations value – values between 30 and 60 are recommended
  6.        Create tasks for the body parts you need by selecting the joint in the Maya viewport and clicking on the corresponding yellow circle in the interactive image area. Task and Pin object will be created.
  7.        Repeat for all body parts you need. Keeping the number of tasks to minimum improves the performance. For example simple walking behaviors would require Hips, Feet and Chest only while complex behaviors would require hands and head aiming and you may use elbow and knees pole vector tasks for behaviors focused on procedural manipulation with smaller reference to the source animation.
  8.        Test your behavior using the Pin objects: go to a frame of action, select the Pin object (use Move To FK button to snap if needed) and increase the Pin Influence value.
  9.        Set keys for the Pin objects and the Pin Influence and test your rig
  10.    Adjust the Weights value for the task to improve the behavior and the Animation Influence for the joints.