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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Retarget Workflow


  1.     Select the Retarget template from the drop-down menu
  2.      Assure the source and target are well matched in the scene
  3.      Select the root joint of the source, SHIFT select the root bone of the target
  4.      Optional: SHIFT select joints you don’t need to be in the solver (refer to the general section ”Include selected end joints in the solver checkbox” )
  5.      Press the Create Rig button
  6.      Select retargeting options like scaling or no the source and moving the source/target to match. Uncheck “Scale” and use “None” if you don’t want automatic matching
  7.      Press the Create Solver button
  8.      The interactive area will update with the joint structure of your character. IKinema will try to recognize and assign the names that correspond between the skeletons – these joints will turn in green. The bones with no source associated will appear in white
  9.      Manually associate by selecting the source joint and click on a joint in the  interactive area – if successful the bone will turn green.
  10.   Optional: you may remove association by right click on a joint in the Rig Editor and execute the “Disconnect” command
  11.   Select Hips task by selecting in the Maya viewport the root joint of the source, SHIFT select the root joint of the target and the Rig Editor press the Create Task button
  12.   Check “Maintain offset” if you want to maintain the offset between the joins; check “Create Pin object” if you intend to use animated Pin objects
  13.   Press the button with the type of task you need. In this procedure create Hips task
  14.   A circle will appear indicating a task is createt at specified place.
  15.   Select the foot source joint in the scene, SHIFT select the target foot bone and in the Rig Editor create a Foot task following the same procedure as in the previous stages(8-10)
  16.   You may create any number of tasks you want with any combination of source and target bones
  17.   To change task properties in the Rig Tool window select the circle and adjust the parameters
  18.   To change the properties on a joint select the joint in the scene and change its Animation influence parameter (it will change the Local Retargeting Gain of the joint)