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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Marker Solving Workflow


  1.      Import the marker cloud and scale it to size of the character
  2.      Create best possible match for the character fitting it to the marker cloud
  3.      Select the Marker solve  template from the drop-down menu
  4.      Select root joint of the character
  5.      Optional: SHIFT select joints you don’t need to be in the solver (refer to the general section ”Include selected end joints in the solver checkbox” )
  6.      Press the Create Rig button
  7.      Visual representation of the bone hierarchy will show in the Rig Tool interactive area
  8.      Select all the markers that form a rigid group and click a bone in the Rig Tool. Circle will appear indicating that all IKinema tasks with offsets are created. Also the joints and the markers associated to them will be updated with new color in the Maya viewport
  9.      Repeat for all the body parts
  10.   To disconnect tasks right click on a circle in the Rig Tool and execute “Disconnect All”
  11.   Note: IKinema tasks with offset are displayed with black lines extending from the marker to the joint. To view them set the Default Viewport Renderer (2015 – Legacy Viewport)
  12.   You can adjust task properties by selecting a circle in the Rig Tool and changing the parameters in the parameters area
  13.   You can adjust bone properties like the  stiffness by selecting a bone and changing the parameters in the parameters area
  14.   Pressing “Go To Match” button will go to the timeline frame where the solver is created
  15.   To adjust the match pose select any joint of the skeleton with IKinema solver and press the “Adjust Match Pose”  button. Rotate/move to better fit and press the “Adjust Match Pose” button again.
  16.   You can save and load templates using the “Save Template” and “Load Template” buttons